When you're looking for that one lake that has the best bass fishing you're in luck Missouri has three of them.

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Bassmaster gathered a list of the best lakes to go bass fishing in and MIssoutro takes three spots on the list. I am all about getting in a boat all day and doing some fishing. I have not done it in a long time, but being somewhat close to some of the best places to do just that I may have to make a weekend trip.

Lake of the Ozarks

Of course, the Lake of the Ozarks is on the list. At number 14 this lake is known as the mid-America boating playground. Bass as big as 7 pounds have been caught in this lake and many anglers have a success in fishing tournaments for bass.

Bull Shoals

This lake is in the southern part of Missouri on the border of Missouri and Arkansas. At 45,000 acres this lake is known for continuing to produce some of the best Ozark Moutain fishing, according to Bassmaster.

It took 19.83 and 19.94 pounds to win a pair of Joe Bass Team Trail events in January, showing the fishery’s strength even in the dead of winter.


Table Rock Lake

Not only will you possibly catch the "big one" but Tabel Rock Lake is known for being a lake where you will consistently catch something no matter the size. So this might be the one where you just want to fish and are not worried about how big the bass is. However, if you compete in fishing tournaments this lake is also a good spot for that.

Despite frigid climes in a mid-March derby, it took 18.69 pounds to win an Anglers in Action Team Trail event.

I wish I knew someone who had a fishing boat I would just love to go to a spot and sit all day fishing.

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