It is a question that I never thought I'd have to ask but, would you drink beer during a Sunday church service that you were attending? It is a question that people in a Missouri town are asking themselves.

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According to an article from there is a church in a town called Defiance, Missouri (which is located just about 40 miles straight west of St. Louis) that is offering people the chance to drink during their Sunday service. The Well United Methodist Church has a pastor Danny Lybarger and they are simply trying to have a church service where people are already wanting to gather. From the video in the article you can see that it is an outdoor space with a bar and restaurant area, where you can have a drink or something to eat during the Sunday service. In the article they say...

"A reporter who attended the church service didn’t see one person drinking beer during the service. There were a lot of containers of coffee, water, and soda, but not one beer."

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So would you drink a beer during church service on Sunday? At this church I 1000% would, because this church and service is designed to support the idea of just coming to have a good time, more of a conversation and gathering, less traditional.  It's not like just walking into a big Catholic mass wearing a suit on a Sunday morning and cracking open a cold Miller Lite in the 4th row during a song, that is the type of drinking in church that I would never do, but this type of outdoor setting that is basically a bar restaurant holding a service outback, sure I'd drink during that church service. would you?

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