A Missouri bagel shop has its heart in the right place. If you come into their shop and you don't have the money to pay, you can still have a bagel and some coffee at no charge.

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I saw this heartwarming story shared multiple places including Upworthy and also The Jewish Times. The bagel shop is Goldie's in Columbia, Missouri. A customer shared a picture of a sign in their shop. It says that if you don't have the money to pay, you can still eat for free by asking them to put it on the "neighbor's account".

The community has picked up on their goodwill and kind gesture by contributing to the neighbor's account to support Goldie's in their effort to help feed the less fortunate. Multiple customers have shared the pic of their sign on Twitter and other social media outlets after they chip in to help Goldie's. It's become a generous circle of the community taking care of its own.

The official Goldie's website says their bagels are "Made By Moms For Your Mornings, Meetings, and Mazel Tovs!". Maybe they should add "By Generous Humans" as that is the model they are providing for the rest of us. You can find out more about Goldie's on Ninth Street in Columbia via their official site.

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