In my younger days, I had a Firebird that had such a great engine I swore it was purring. A Missouri lady really did have that happen thanks to a stray that chose her vehicle engine as home.

Here's how this sweet lady described what happened:

I was getting ready to take my son to an appointment when I hear a cat meowing. I was really hoping it wasn’t in my car, but when I got closer to my car it got louder, so I popped my hood. At that point, I could tell there was a cat in the car somewhere. I started recording to show my husband what I was dealing with, and the kitten crawled out and came right up to me. Almost like he was saying, 'Please get me out of the rain.' I took him in and got him settled, then went to my son's appointment. We decided to keep him because, well, he kinda chose us.

Here's the moment when the lady realized she had been adopted by a cute cat.

Daily Paws points out that cats seeking warmth in car engines is a rather common occurrence. I've gotten into the habit of making a lot of noise around our family car before starting it since cats, rabbits and who knows what else seems to like to sleep under it.

So not only did the lady figure out that a kitten was in her engine, she adopted it. What a purr-fect ending. Cat pun intended.

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