Within the next month, you will start to see more money on your regular paychecks if you are working in this part of the Land of Lincoln...

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NBC Chicago put out an article that reminds everyone that a scheduled minimum wage pay increase is set to take place in Chicago starting next month. So how much is everything increasing? According to the article, the increases are...

"Chicago's hourly minimum wage is set to increase from $15.40 to $15.80 for employers with 21 or more employees, with an increase from $14.50 to $15 for employers with four to 20 employees... hourly minimum wage for tipped employees will increase from $9.24 to $9.48 for employees of large businesses, while tipped employees of smaller businesses will see their minimum wage increase from $8.70 to $9."

But it is not just the city of Chicago getting an increase, if you live in some of the suburban communities in Cook County, Illinois you will see a minimum wage increase as well, to get all the details click here!

I feel like this is no longer a big deal right? Pre the pandemic it seemed like it was almost impossible to find a "starter" job that was paying $15 an hour. But now you drive around Quincy and our Tri-State area and all you see are signs saying "starting pay $15" and some even more than that. And with inflation as high as it is right now $15 an hour seems a lot like $11 an hour... At this point, I think the real struggle is just finding the employees that want to work... Is $15 an hour minimum wage something you'd like to see nationwide as a standard or should different jobs have different minimum standards?

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