I had no idea that there was more than one arch. Now, let me say that the second one is a bit smaller, but still counts as a mini St. Louis Gateway Arch.

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We all know how grand the St. Louis Arch is and the beauty that comes with seeing it with your own eyes, but did you know there is another one? Located in Peoria, Illinois, the mini St. Louis Arch is used as a landmark for an auto parts store and has a car in the middle of the arch. RoadsideAmerica.com features unique roadside attractions and this is part of the website's must-see roadside attractions.

It looks like from previous pictures that they have replaced the car in the middle of the arch a few times. I would like to see how that is done, I am sure that itself is a roadside attraction to watch.

Google Maps 2007
Google Maps 2007

I could not find how tall this actually is, but I am sure with it being right off the highway ad used as a business sign it can't be THAT tall. Just something to add to your bucket roadside attraction list for 2022.

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