Q-Fest kicks off tomorrow, for a fun weekend of art, music and food. Unfortunately that also means road closures to accommodate the event. Luckily it's not as confusingly all over the place as trying to navigate the one-way side roads due to the Maine closure from 12th-14th, and then they close the side roads for whatever reason so you have go even further out of your way. SERIOUSLY! HOW COULD YOU CLOSE 10th AT HAMPSHIRE?! THAT'S HOW WE HAVE TO GO AROUND THE MAINE CLOSURE! It's like you're intentionally making things difficult, just to be a jerk.

I may be a little bitter about that one. That one was frustrating. Anyway, according to this Q-Fest Facebook post, Maine will be closed from 4th-6th streets for the Q-Fest Food Court and Street Concert, as will the Maine Center Parking Lot portion of Jail Alley. The closure starts Friday the 22nd at noon, and will run until the end of Q-Fest on Sunday the 24th at 5pm.

You'll still be able to use 4th heading North, and 6th heading both directions, but if I remember last year correctly, 5th street will be completely impassable. So you'll want to make sure you adjust your routes accordingly. Luckily I live just a few blocks away, and have no qualms with walking. Saturday and Sunday look like we'll have nice weather.

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