If you haven't heard the best player in Major League Baseball Mike Trout is finalizing a new contract with the Los Angeles Angels for $430 million over 12 years. It is the largest contract in team sports history. Salaries, and how much money celebrities are worth, are absolutely fascinating to me. So for all of us country music fans I want to take the time to put into perspective how much money that really is for a baseball player you may have never heard of.

Carrie Underwood is one of America's sweethearts! She was an American Idol winner, she has had multiple number one hits, and has a whopping 8.4 million Instagram followers. Underwood has 5 times as many Instagram followers as Mike Trout, but... Trouts new contract is 5 times higher then Carrie Underwood's net worth of $85 million dollars.

Luke Bryan is worth $120 million according to celebritynetworth.com, that is a ton of money. But Trout is going to make more than three times as much as Bryan's net worth over the next 12 years. Luke Bryan I would argue is way better known to the American general public then Mike Trout, but Trout will blow Bryan out of the water in terms of money.

Finally the only person you can really compare in the country music world to Mike Trout's new contract is the legend Garth Brooks. While Brooks has a net worth of ONLY $330 million, which is a $100 million less then Trout's new deal, Brooks has a reported yearly salary near $90 million. So over time (unless Trout invests better than Brooks) Brooks will blow Trout out of the water in terms of net worth.

Either way I think what we can all take from this is that it pays well to be really good at country music, or baseball.

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