Only 10 states in the country have laws that give people the "right to die." Will Illinois become the 11th? Here is what lawmakers will be discussing in the spring session this year...

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According to an article from, a group seeks to make Illinois the 11th state in the US to have the "right to die" meaning allowing the person to get help in an assisted medical death. In the article, they say...

"Medical aid in dying is authorized in ten U.S. states and in Washington D.C and one state human rights organization wants to add Illinois to that list. The End-of-Life Options Coalition supports legislation that may be introduced as soon as this spring. It would allow mentally capable, terminally ill adult patients with six months or fewer to live to get a prescription they can take to help them die peacefully...Notably, a 2023 Impact Research survey indicates that nearly 75% of Illinois voters living with a disability would support medical aid in dying legislation"

To read more about this proposal in the Land of Lincoln, click here!

Should Illinois become the 11th State to allow this?

That is a heavy question...On one hand, I put myself into the shoes of a person who is given a terminal diagnosis and I understand why some of them would feel like a medical-assisted death is the way to go. On the other hand, you read stories of people surviving longer than the diagnosis and eventually even beating the diagnosis. Should people have the right to ask for this? My gut says yes, yes they should. As long as it is 1000% their decision and not the doctors, or anyone else's decision. Do you think they should?

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