The Marion County Sheriff's Office got into the Lip Sync Challenge Thunderdome, and crushed it with a medley of songs, and even got an assist from McGruff the Crime Dog.

They start with a little Judas Priest, move into Twisted Sister, then the King himself, Mr. Elvis Presley. The inclusion of John Cena's "My Time Is Now" was honestly not something I saw coming, but props to them. And a huge shout out for closing with Aretha Franklin's "Respect." A serendipitous tribute after she passed away yesterday.

It looks like they had a lot of fun with this, picked some great songs to weave together for a fun video, and got the whole office involved. I really dug the dance party that closed out the video.

Now that we've had the Marion County Sheriff's Office get in on the fun, I think it's high time the Adam's County Sheriffs and Hannibal Police Department get in on the action. Fortunately I offered up a few suggestions if they want to go a country route.

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