This may be the most important redevelopment project in the history of Quincy, it needs to happen, and I'll explain why.

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The Gem City has been buzzing over the news that broke a couple days ago about a possible TEN MILLION dollar investment to redevelop the old bank in downtown Quincy at the corner of 6th street and Hampshire, you can read all about it in the Herald-Whig just click here! 

The idea for this proposal is to turn this building into a boutique hotel, with a restaurant as well. And on the surface many of you might say "Why does Quincy need a boutique hotel?" and I think there is some validity to that question, I don't think any town NEEDS a boutique hotel, it is a luxury to have one, and we don't have one in Quincy currently. So we don't need one BUT I think having it as an option is cool!

Soooooooo then....Why does Quincy "Desperately NEED this Boutique Hotel"?

Because in the article from the Herald-Whig the developers are proposing to also add a ROOFTOP BAR to the building!

And so in order for us to get a ROOFTOP BAR, designed by the same people who crushed it with the new bar at The Patio in Quincy, we have to also have a boutique hotel then WE NEED A BOUTIQUE HOTEL!!!

In all seriousness, I love what the company did at The Patio, and if they bring that same level of design and energy to this new boutique hotel with a restaurant and rooftop bar it will be a huge homerun for Quincy, and I really hope it happens!

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