There's an old saying that goes, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." And whoever coined that phrase had obviously never heard of the draw of one-off sales and deals tied to ridiculous holidays. Build something around the pop cultural zeitgeist, and they (the people) will come. Like in that movie where the guy builds it, and then people come. Kevin Costner's in it, but it's not The Bodyguard, though that would be apt since this is about a Valentine's Day deal, and that's a romantic movie.

Anyway, Quincy's Qdoba, or the Double Q, as nobody calls it ever, is giving away a free entree. Well, it's a two-for-one entree, and there are strings attached. Namely you have to kiss someone to get it. It's called Qdoba For A Kiss. And no, you don't have to kiss a specific person. You don't have to show up at the Double Q and kiss Kevin Costner. You're not Jeanne Tripplehorn in Water World, which is a Costner movie, but not the one I'm thinking of. It's not set in a FIELD. I guess the ocean is like a field, but with water instead of grass. But it's definitely not the Kevin Costner movie I'm thinking OF.

You just show up with you're significant other, or a loved one, or even just yourself. Whoever is the person of your DREAMS. Just plant a big ole smooch on them and there you go. You've got two-for-one entrees for Valentine's Day. That takes care of your lunch. You no longer have to wander the barren, desolate wasteland of a lunchless society like some kind of Postman hanging out with Tom Petty. Though to hang out with Tom Petty one last time, would be awesome. Kevin Costner had it pretty sweet in that movie. But I digress, it's still not the Kevin Costner movie I'm thinking of.

So just you and your loved one, or close, understanding friend, pop on over to Qdoba on Valentine's Day for a delici- FIELD OF DREAMS! That's the Kevin Costner movie. It was Field of Dreams. "If you build it, he will come." There we go.

Anyway. Qdoba. Free entree for Valentine's Day if you kiss someone whilst in line. Go to the Facebook event page for more info and full terms and conditions of this deal.

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