A new law may soon allow kids as young as kindergarteners to use cannabis in school, why is this happening, and could it become a reality in the Land of Lincoln?

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According to People Magazine, kids in elementary schools may soon be able to use cannabis products while in school in the state of Michigan. In the article on People, they say...

"Michigan K-12 students may soon be permitted to use medical marijuana and CBD-infused products at school...Proposed by Democratic representatives...the legislation would legally allow students to consume edibles, beverages and other low-THC marijuana products on school premises or buses. The administration of these products would be overseen by a designated school staff member. Only students with clear written authorization detailing the timing and purpose, such as for emergency relief or symptom prevention, could use them."

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Now this is obviously happening in Michigan and not Illinois but you have to ask yourself what if this idea spreads to the Land of Lincoln? Often times blue states copy other blue states, and red states copy other red states, so it isn't far-fetched to think this could be brought up on the house floor in Illinois. What do you think about this? If you ask me it is a really slippery slope...I know that medical cannabis is extremely helpful for certain people with certain illnesses/diseases/afflictions, but you can also legally get prescribed medical cannabis for lesser things as well. Also, I don't LOVE the idea that you have to make every single individual school have a staff member who approves the use or not, that puts a TON of stress on that staff member to make decisions.

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