The results are in, and in a KICK It or Keep It first: IT'S A TIE. A dead tie. I couldn't believe it when I went to close the poll this morning. In a normal week of KICK It or Keep It, we'd just roll it on over to the next week. But this is Second Chance Sudden Death. And I already have the artists for next week set. So they both win! They have both earned a permanent spot in our rotation, and they're both headed to the Breakthrough Artist Hall of Fame alongside Lindsay Ell, Noe Palma, Jessica Lynn, TrailerHawk, Charlie Worsham, and last week's winner, Jericho Woods.

Maggie Rose vs Lewis Brice results

What's funny is both Maggie Rose and Lewis Brice tweeted prophetic responses to being in KICK It or Keep It. First, Maggie Rose suggested we keep both:

So now we keep both! They both stay, and we'll hear more from them in the coming years! Find out who our next two contestants are Monday Morning at 9:15 for KICK It or Keep It: Second Chance, Sudden Death.

The Hall of Fame is still under construction, and will go live once we have the Class of 2017 set.

Here are your victors, and Breakthrough Artist Hall of Fame inductees, Lewis Brice with with Best Ex Ever and Maggie Rose with Body on Fire

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