When it came to telling a meaningful love story, Lewis Brice had a pretty good example. "It's You" is the singer's tender new ballad, and it's a song inspired by he and his co-writers' respective romances.

But his experiences are shaped by his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Brice have been married for more than 40 years, and Lewis describes his father as a romantic. Even during hard times in Sumter, S.C., the singer watched as the couple worked together to solve problems.

“He’s always been sweet to my mama,” Brice tells Taste of Country of his dad. “Good Valentine’s Day gift things. Kind of like your traditional storybook long marriage.”

Lewis isn't married yet, but that could change. He's been with the same woman for three years and seems open to settling down. Writing love songs is easier when you're in love, he says. That seems obvious, but plenty of songwriters have said the opposite is true. Nico Moon and Ben Simonetti helped him write it, and it was all fueled by Simonetti's impending marriage. Brice recalls his friend was engaged or about to get engaged, so they took the song all the way to the wedding day.

"To me, it's the perfect love song," Brice shares of the song, released on Valentine's Day.

Brice says his goals for 2020 are to sign with a major label and to release a full record. "It's You" is actually the last song from a batch he wrote over the last several years that he'll release. New music is on the horizon for a romantic whose moves are pretty familiar.

“I’m traditional," he says. "If I get her cards, I’ll always get a funny card and a serious card. Some flowers. She likes chocolates, so I’ll get her some chocolates."

There's a familiarity to "It's You" as well, mostly for those fortunate enough to grow up with two loving parents.

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