The results are in, and in a landslide between two new competitors, Shane Owens' 19 just destroyed Maggie Rose's Body On Fire to win KICK It or Keep It. Next week, he'll take on a brand new challenger for KICK it or Keep It. This really proved how essential social media can be. Shane's accounts shared it on both Facebook & Twitter, while Maggie's did not. That very wide margin of victory belongs to the power of social media. Find out who Shane Owens faces next week, and if he can hold on for a second week, on Monday morning at 9:15 for the next round. It will be interesting to see if we can have back-to-back hall of famers, after Lindsay Ell was retired to the Hall of Fame last week when she won four weeks in a row.

Here is your victor, Shane Owens with 19.

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