The people of Kansas City might be traveling to Arizona to cheer on their Chiefs in the Super Bowl, but you should consider traveling to Kansas City when they get back. Kansas City was named one of the top 5 best cheap places to travel in the US.

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The travel website called has a list titled 21 Best Cheap Places to Travel in the US, and Kansas City shows up at number 4 on the list! Kansas City ranks only behind Oklahoma City number 1, followed by San Antonio, and Salt Lake City. What about Kansas City makes it great and affordable? On the site they say...

"A bustling downtown area offers great shops, restaurants, and things to see. Spend some time at the Crown Center downtown for great entertainment and people-watching. Take a stroll through the City Market, the city’s open marketplace where Kansas City businesses sell groceries, gifts, produce, spices, and more. Missouri is one of the best cheap states to visit, and its BBQ is some of the best in the country."

They go on to mention that you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and festivities at Power & Light District, and that the RideKC public transportation system is very affordable. To read more about why Kansas City is one of the 5 best cheap travel destinations just click here!

There are a bunch of cities on this list that I have already been to like Charleston, San Antonio, and Memphis, but it is nice to see that there are cities that I haven't explored on this list that are affordable like Phoenix, Savannah, and Oklahoma City. Where are you trying to travel in 2023?

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