Kane Brown imagines a better future for all the children of the world — regardless of race or socioeconomic status — in his "Worldwide Beautiful" music video.

The song, which also lends its name to Brown's now-postponed 2020 tour, was first released back in June.

"Worldwide Beautiful" is a timely call for racial justice and mutual respect between all groups of people, and the accompanying music video doubles down on those important themes. At the outset, Brown walks the streets of a post-apocalyptic, deserted downtown, complete with trash strewn across the sidewalks and cars flipped upside down in the middle of the road.

The focus then moves to the residents of this stark, violence-addled world. While there are adults in the picture, they're frozen in time. We see a news anchor motionless with a microphone in her hand, a man standing frozen in the street as he stares down at his cell phone, and two people blindfolded as they stand in front of TVs in a shop window.

Meanwhile, the characters that are alive and active are all children. Kids of all races and ethnicities begin to come out of the woodwork, teaming up to explore the desolate outside world. Despite the wreckage in the streets, the world these children inherit isn't all that bleak: In fact, as the music video progresses, the city streets begin to transform into a garden.

At the end of the clip, Brown appears in front of a group of children, holding his real-life baby daughter Kingsley Rose in his arms.

It's a powerful call to action, asking viewers to help create a better future for their children. As a parent, Brown says that's something that's weighed on him on a personal level. Earlier this summer, he reflected on the social unrest and discord he's seen during 2020, and admitted he's relieved that his young daughter won't remember this year.

However, Brown is more than just talk when it comes to enacting social change, he's also doing his part to make it a reality. Since its release, "Worldwide Beautiful" has raised funds for the Boys and Girls Club of America, an organization that advocates for justice and equality for young people across the country.

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