Kane Brown's long been hinting at big things in the works for 2022, and now, he's firming up those plans. His next new song, called "Whiskey Sour," will be out on Jan. 14. The singer shared the news with fans on social media, where he also teased a preview of the track.

"We were two heartbeats away from wedding rings and a pretty ball gown dress / At the church off 40 West," he sings in the first verse. "We were talkin' 'bout our future on the steps of your daddy's screened-in porch / If I'd asked, you'd tell me yes..."

But that romantic story line turns on a dime before "Whiskey Sour" even hits the chorus, and "It only took a month or so to be someone you used to know," Brown sings. A vivid story song that follows a guy after he's blindsided by heartbreak, the ballad pairs classic country storytelling with a front-and-center string section, sparse production and low, lilting vocals, making it one of the singer's most traditional-leaning releases to date.

In the thoughts he's shared so far about his next project, Brown has indicated that he intentionally dug deeper into his traditional side to make it. Ever the experimentalist, he's known for his out-of-genre collaborations and pop-inflected country hits, but Brown has a well-documented traditional side, too; he earned his very first fans through viral social media covers of songs by country legends like Randy Travis.

Most recently, Brown says that his upcoming third album will include a mix of just about everything. The singer says he "tried to go the old school route, but then I got too old school," adding that the musical styles now range from '80s country to Motown to hard rock. He hasn't yet specified exactly when he's planning to release the project, though he did reveal that he pushed its release date back, as it's still a developing body of work.

"Whiskey Sour" tells a heartfelt story, albeit not one Brown is directly living at the moment -- fans who've been following along with his personal life in recent years know that he's a happily married father. Still, he's a passionate lyricist with a knack for tapping into a variety of different musical emotions. "I love getting to sing other people's stories!" he comments in the caption of his post.

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