A judge in Illinois made the decision to close a Juvenile Detention Center in Illinois that the state described as being "in crisis" The way this facility was treating kids was brutal. Here are the details...

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According to NPR Illinois, a controversial Juvenile Detention Center in Illinois has been shut down due to being unable to keep up with the standards of caring for kids in custody. In the article on NPR Illinois, they say...

"The judge responsible for the administration of a troubled juvenile detention center in rural southern Illinois abruptly moved to close it as of Dec. 31, citing staffing shortages that made it difficult to meet new state standards governing the treatment of youth in custody...the state agency described the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center as a “facility in crisis”: It did not provide the required mental health care, schooling and recreation for the children in custody, and staff locked youth in their rooms for up to 24 hours for behavioral infractions or because of short staffing."

If you want to read more about this decision to close the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center, click here!

The right decision was made

I have been following this story since the first report broke about the care of the kids in custody at this facility, and I can truly say I was glad to see this facility was being shut down. The state was operating a facility that could not meet the standards of care for its kids who need rehabilitation and growth to become productive members of society. The stories coming out of the facility were horrible, everything from no mental health access to kids having broken bones and not being cared for. To read more about what was happening at that facility before the shutdown, click here! 

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