Only Joe Nichols can impress Sir Mix-a-Lot with a cover of the famous rap hit "Baby Got Back." In a music video, the country singer's hip-hop swing version of the song has the rapper on his feet ... eventually.

The video begins with several failed versions of the song. Each performer is auditioning for ... something. That's not clear, and it doesn't really matter because the "OMG, it's Sir Frickin' Mix-a-Lot!" surprise lasts until Nichols begins his "audition."

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He's tentative, much like he probably was the first time he jokingly played it for his band and crowd several years ago. Nichols' cover of the song began as a gag, but people were into it, so it has become a live show staple — it even made his latest Never Gets Old album.

Sir Mix-a-Lot is tough to convince, but he doesn't immediately pan Nichols' performance, which is a good sign. Eventually the rapper gets into it, singing along then pumping his arms with emphasis before the two swap hats and bro hug it out. Okay, the bro hug doesn't actually happen, but in our minds it does. Instead Sir Mix-a-Lot gives the 40-year-old country traditionalist a standing ovation, signaling that he's found his man for whatever it was he was auditioning singers for in the first place.

The music video is a surprise, as "Baby Got Back" is not Nichols' official radio single. The title track to his newest album is being played at stations nationwide, but there's only a lyric video for this, more expected but still stunning, country song.

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