Jo Dee Messina has always been the kind of country singer who tells it like it is. And that's exactly what the 'My Give a Damn's Busted' hitmaker did when she went public with the information that she's in talks with 'Dancing With the Stars.'

While most stars hem and haw when they are approached about a reality television spot, Messina took to her Facebook page to let onlookers know what she's been up to.

"As soon as we got in [from touring], I headed to airport to fly to L.A. I had a meeting with the folks at ABC and 'Dancing With the Stars,'" she wrote. "I'm hoping to get on there for the fall season... The folks out there were so nice. I really enjoyed meeting with them."

Messina went on to dish about what's been going on in her life the past few months. Since her mom has undergone open heart surgery and then dealt with a bout with pneumonia that landed her in the hospital earlier this summer, Messina's life has been pretty hectic. Luckily, she recently found some time to catch up with her husband.

After meeting with 'Dancing With the Stars' team --the country singer hasn't specified exactly who she met with-- Messina went on to dish that she and her husband actually found time to go on a date.

"The time with 'nothing to do' in L.A. was awesome," she added. "We laughed and got the chance to be silly. We got a chance to remember why it is we love each other so much. I guess date nights are crucial. Life hasn't allowed many of them lately, but, that's OK."

Sounds like whether or not Messina ends up on 'DWTS,' she had a great time flying out to Los Angeles to meet with some folks from the show.

"I'm greatful [sic] for the meeting," she added. "It allowed me to spend [time] with my sweet husband."

Although this has been a busy year for the 'I'm Done' singer and her family, Messina managed to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $100,000 in 30 days for her upcoming record.

Currently, the 42-year-old country singer is putting the finishing touches on the album, and giving fans the opportunity to weigh in about which song should be the record's first single.

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