Jake Owen has released his new single, 'What We Ain't Got.'

Owen's past singles have given him a reputation for light and easy beach songs, but he says that he hopes 'What We Ain't Got' will help showcase more of his musicality.

"I take a lot of pride in being a pretty good singer, and songs like 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' and 'Beachin',' where I'm kind of just talking, don't showcase that," he tells Rolling Stone. "For the first time in my career, I feel like it's imperative for me to put out a song that offers some validity."

'What We Ain't Got' is a simpler single musically, focusing on Owen's voice, accompanied by piano and steel guitar, and a slower tempo than fans are used to hearing from the singer.

The song was written by recovering alcoholic and cancer survivor Travis Meadows, who released the song on his 2011 album 'Killin' Uncle Buzzy,' which documents his journey to recovery.

"There's a line that goes 'I wanted the world 'til my whole world stopped,'" Owen says. "I know what he meant by that. I have to be careful to not want too much out of this world and lose my own. Even though I have a lot in my life right now, and I'm thankful for everything, I find myself working really hard every day to attain more and more. But yet sometimes by doing that, I disregard the things I already have that are precious to me. Whether it's my wife who gets upset sometimes because I'm always on my phone, or it's my twin brother who is like, 'Dude, you never call me back.'"

'What We Ain't Got' comes off of Owen's album 'Days of Gold.' Download the album on Amazon or iTunes.

Listen to Jake Owen, 'What We Ain't Got:'