I've heard lots of nuclear first strike scenarios mentioned, but never before have I heard one that mentioned a surprise likely first strike target like this one. If it were to happen, it would be a nightmare for Missouri for many reasons.

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I was a teenager when the made-for-TV movie "The Day After" first aired in 1983. It was a what-if scenario that was filmed in and based on Missouri being the target for a hypothetical Russian nuclear attack on the Kansas City area. This new theory is something completely different.

The Military Show on YouTube recently listed what they believe is an updated list of Russian nuclear target priorities and the first one likely to be struck isn't Washington D.C. or even Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. The one they mentioned gave me chills because it makes too much sense.

It's Offutt Air Force Base in southeastern Nebraska near the Missouri border.

The Military Show via YouTube
The Military Show via YouTube

The theory goes that hitting Offutt Air Force Base first would create potential huge problems for America since that is one of the command and control points that would coordinate a counterattack with other locations in America. The question mark icons show the US military bases dependent on Offutt Air Force Base for communications.

Offutt Air Force Base is also the home for many of the US Air Force 'Doomsday Planes', too. An unexpected attack that would catch part of the fleet on the ground could limit command and control in the air, too.

The Military Show via YouTube
The Military Show via YouTube

Why would a target in southeastern Nebraska cause dire problems for Missouri?

If you look at FEMA maps that show where nuclear fallout would move after an attack, you'll see that Missouri would be blanketed by the aftereffects of an attack in southeastern Nebraska.

New nuclear threats from Russia against America in 2024 in regards to the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine make this a very topical issue. In fact, Putin just threatened America again a few days ago.

Obviously any kind of nuclear exchange would be horrific and a disaster for every country involved, but this new proposed scenario would make even the very beginning a nightmare for Missouri. Let's hope this remains in the realm of movies and never reality.

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