Once again lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln are attempting to ban more of the single-use plastic you use in your life. Here are the details on the plastics they are trying to ban this time...

According to an article from The State Journal-Register, lawmakers in Illinois are debating passing Senate Bill 2960, that bill would "require hotels to stop giving out small plastic bottles of personal products. This includes small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash that are found in hotel bathrooms" If the hotel goes ahead and offers those plastic bottles of shampoo for you to use, they could face fines up to $500. To read more on this single-use plastic ban, click here!

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Is this really a pressing issue? Also, why is it that lawmakers are always trying to take away the simple joys for us? One of the best things about traveling is taking all of the free things the hotel gives you! No one likes it when they get into the hotel room and then you realize that all of the shampoo and body wash is in those weird pumps attached to the walls, and you just hope and pray that the cleaning ladies actually clean those things (they don't). We want the free shampoos that we get to steal, don't take this away from us lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln, leave it alone. Focus on figuring out how to handle the state pension crisis, and how we are dealing with the thousands of migrants being dropped off in Chicago every month.

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