To me, this possibility is unthinkable, but I also tend to be naive. There is a movement to ban gas grills. Could this happen in Missouri? Don't laugh too hard as it's already happening elsewhere.

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This topic came up as one of my colleagues in New York State asked the same question. It involves a story shared by Cheap RV Living regarding something that has become a part of the green movement. They shared this chilling statement for those of us that love gas grills:

California SB1256 has banned the sale of single-use propane cylinders in the state, effective January 1, 2028

A couple of immediate reactions. First of all, this is California which can be Wackyville sometimes. Second, if the ban on single-use propane cylinders is accepted, you'll see other groups in other parts of the country pile on and try to make it a prohibition here. Mark my words. No outcry will mean it will suddenly be something other states like Missouri will consider.

Camper Report is another outlet that has confirmed the propane cylinder ban movement.

Think this is a fluke California thing? Guess again. There's also a movement to ban gas appliances.

All I can say is can we please stop the madness? If gas grills are made to go bye-bye, we lose part of what makes America great. I love charcoal grills, too, but don't make gas grills illegal. To me, that is just completely insane. Better start shouting now before this propane cylinder ban becomes news in Missouri, too.

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