The world stage continues to heat up as China is staging war games around Taiwan. As the United States promises to protect Taiwan in the event of an invasion, China is threatening a "big war" against America if that happens and some of its 500 nuclear weapons are believed to be pointed at Missouri.

China just said that America's plan to back Taiwan in a conflict "will backfire" and they threatened the United States with a "new war". The FBI officially says that China poses "a broad and unrelenting threat". That "threat" comes from several sources including cyberattacks which the FBI says they have to counter almost on a daily basis.

The other comes from the fact that China is a nuclear power with at least 500 nuclear missiles according to the most recent update from the Pentagon. It's believed that Missouri has at least 2 if not 3 prime targets that the Chinese have nukes targeted at right now. They are the following:

It is believed that even if China and the United States were to begin a conflict that went nuclear without Russia participating, the 3 primary Missouri targets would be attacked in an effort to destroy or hinder the United States stealth bombers at Whiteman and a big population and transportation hub in St. Louis.

The horrifying reality is that any confrontation with China would also include Russia as they have recently renewed their long-standing military pact. The now-famous FEMA map of nuclear targets show how many Missouri places would be hit if Russia were to act.


I wouldn't lose any sleep over these new Chinese threats. It's likely all posturing as they continue to attempt to exert increased influence over Taiwan. However, if an invasion really begins and the United States gets involved, know that Missouri would almost immediately be a likely target. Let's hope this remains a hypothetical military scenario and never a present-day reality.

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