If you want to know what the weather is going to do to Missouri this winter, you need to check your fruit based on long-standing folklore. If a certain fruit is correct, Missouri is in for a very snowy winter ahead. Dang fruit.

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Do you or have you ever eaten a persimmon? It's an edible fruit that looks like a small tomato to me, but that's obviously not accurate. The reason I mention persimmons is because of an old folk tale belief that the shape of a seed inside a persimmon will tell you what the upcoming winter will be like. I saw one of my colleagues in Oklahoma that explored this topic recently.

Farmer's Almanac relies on a lady who's been using her persimmons to "peer into the future" for years. The lore says that if you cut open a persimmon in Missouri, you can tell if winter is gonna be mild or awful. If the persimmon seed is shaped like a spoon, get your shovel out. If it looks like a fork, you're probably OK.

What does the persimmon predict for winter 2023/2024 for Missouri?

The Missouri persimmons apparently have seeds shaped like a spoon, so thanks a lot fruit growers. Would you be interested in shoveling some driveways this winter? Asking for a friend.

You can see all this fruity persimmon winter talk for yourself from The Farmer's Almanac. This is one reason why I rarely eat fruit.

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