This has been a mystery for years and there is still no proven answer, but the mysterious hum heard by many in Missouri may finally have been solve. The source may very well be under our feet.

You might recall that I first covered reports of a mysterious low-frequency hum in Missouri more than a year ago. These weren't vague random reports either. There were specific incidents in St. Louis County among others where residents heard an almost drone-like sound. Joe Millitzer shared an interesting read for Fox 2 St. Louis about what many in the St. Louis area experienced.

The Real World Hum is a must-read for anyone who is following this phenomenon also.

Thanks to many who reached out, here's the original video shared by The Atlantic about what many in Missouri have experienced.

This video about the low-frequency hums heard by many in Missouri and around the world are what is known as the gas pipeline syndrome. There are recorded sound waves that resonate from gas pipelines underground that can faintly be heard by some above ground. The estimate is that 2% of the population have the capability to hear this.

Work in this field originated with Steve Kohlhase and "Doom Vibrations". You can also check out his research at The World Hum. He's also a member of The World Hum Facebook group.

It's a proven fact that many in Missouri and also Illinois have heard this weird hum. If you look at a map from the National Wind Watch of where gas pipelines are, you'll see both states are in the middle of it all.

Infographic, National Wind Watch
Infographic, National Wind Watch

Is this Missouri mystery finally solved? Are these really "widespread emissions of sound waves that have begun to occur from high pressure natural gas pipelines" as the theory says? Perhaps. At the very least, it's the first likely theory that might explain the strange hum that made many in Missouri think they were going crazy.

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