His murderous act was a cold-blooded crime that he planned and executed while trying to hide his identity. Now, this Illinois strangler is one of the 15 most wanted villains by the US Marshals.

According to the US Marshals, this Illinois man is one of their 15 most wanted fugitives as of the date of this writing. His name is John Panaligan who's wanted by the Northbrook, Illinois Police Department and he's been on the run for the past 7 years after a horrific murder.

The US Marshals say that this Illinois man "plotted the murder the victim, wore the disguise to hide his identity and then killed the victim by strangulation". They fear that he has fled not just Illinois, but perhaps the United States as he's known to have friends and family in the Philippines.

US Marshals
US Marshals

If you have any information that would help the law enforcement that are on the trail of John Panaligan, you can call the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 1-800-336-0102 or submit an anonymous tip online.

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Gallery Credit: US Marshals

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