It seems to me that people take their grocery stores way too seriously. On one hand, I understand that where you get your food is a vital choice. But, the customer service complains sometimes get out of hand. That's why one grocery store being voted the most popular in America is a big deal and they happen to have 23 locations in Illinois.

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The American Customer Satisfaction Index allows shoppers to rate grocery stores in a crazy number of categories. I saw Coupons in the News show the different areas they bake into their methodology and it's extravagant.

The number one-rated grocery store chain was actually a 3-way tie, but the one at the top with the most locations in Illinois was this one...

Costco with 23 Illinois stores according to Visual Capitalist.

I find it interesting that Costco's ratings were up even though many grocery stores are taking flack from customers because of food price inflation. If you've purchased meat, nuts or candy lately, you know what I'm talking about. Yikes. 

Illinois seems to have one of the highest amounts of Costco stores according to Visual Capitalist with only 4 other states having more. Being at the top of the grocery store food chain (almost literally) is quite an achievement for a store that began in a garage many years ago.

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