I don't want this to be awkward because I realize that discussing what people earn at their jobs is personal business. However, Walmart just shared some details publicly about the earnings of their store managers in Missouri and it looks like life just got a lot better for them.

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I have many friends who either currently work at Walmart stores in Missouri or used to. Several have been (or still are) store managers, too. If you think that's an easy job, you're very wrong. It also is a family affair as my dad was a door greeter at the Hannibal Walmart after he retired from the postal service.

Just a few days ago, Walmart shared a press release on their corporate website about how the salary of their store managers is about to get better. Here are two big changes:

  • "The store manager average salary will go from $117,000 to $128,000 a year."
  • "In addition to sales, your store’s profit will play a bigger role in calculating your annual bonus. If you hit all targets, your bonus could now be up to 200% of your base salary."

Even with my limited math skills, that's pretty great pay if a store manager is successful with store profits.

People like to laugh at Walmart, but if you look at Indeed, you'll see the average store manager salary in the United States is $55,919. Looks like Missouri Walmart store managers are guaranteed double that. Not too shabby.

The reports I've seen show that this bump in Missouri Walmart store manager pay will go into effect in February of 2024.

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