Thanks to a recent movie, atomic bombs and nuclear weapons are back at the forefront of conversation. There's a new target map for 2023 and a recent simulation which shows why Missouri would be a prime target if the worst-case scenario of nuclear war happens.

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Thank you, Oppenheimer. Because of Christopher Nolan's newest movie, everyone is talking about nukes again. I saw a brand new article from Mira Safety showing "your nuclear target map for 2023". It's a new look at what would likely transpire if nuclear war were to become a reality.

One aspect of their study was a simulation known as "Plan A" where a skirmish breaks out with tactical nuclear weapons being used. Spoiler Alert - it gets bad really fast.

So why specifically should Missouri be concerned?

As Business Insider shared, Missouri would likely be hit in a first-strike scenario thanks to Whiteman Air Force Base being home to deadly stealth bombers.

Infographic, Business Insider
Infographic, Business Insider

This isn't really news as most of us that were born, raised and/or live in Missouri know that Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air Force Base would make the Show Me State, but the change is it appears that simulations now think Missouri would be a higher priority. My theory is that this is due to the fact that the new stealth bombers being tested right now by the Air Force are already planned to be stationed in Missouri as their home. Any enemy we face in the future will want that threat neutralized ASAP in the event of conflict.

The new 2023 nuclear target map article by Mira Safety is an interesting read which hopefully remains just a simulation and never a reality.

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