This question has never been more important to answer than now. Is Missouri one of the best states in America for off-the-grid living? The internet says absolutely and I'll explain why that's more important than ever.

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Before I get into the "why this is important" part, this new ranking by Study Finds ranks all the states on their viability for living without modern amenities. Electricity, cell phones and all the other modern trappings that we've taken for granted are not needed here. According to their metrics, Missouri is the 7th best state in America for those that want to live self-sufficient.

Why is Missouri great for off-the-grid living?

Study Finds says Missouri has "a great combination of climate and permissive laws". They also praise the Show Me State for "zoning regulations, building codes, and even homeschooling". Mentioned also are the relatively short temperate winters (which is debatable). I don't disagree with the conclusion that Missouri is a great destination if you want to live a self-sufficient life.

Why is this so important now?

You may or may not be aware, but one of the most feared weapons that an enemy could use again America is what is known as an EMP weapon standing for electromagnetic pulse. In one flash, the entire electrical grid could be wiped out for months if not years.

The electric grid being compromised doesn't necessarily have to come from an enemy's weapon of mass destruction. A Carrington-level solar flare that struck the world in 1859 could also wipe out modern electronics with little to no warning. The bottom line is if you have the ability to be self-sufficient, you're safer than most. That's what makes this new praise for Missouri more pertinent than ever.

Romantic Secluded Missouri Treehouse Just West of St. Louis

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