Missouri is going to be the North American home for a growing Geman Security Company. A huge win for growth in the Show-Me State at the start of 2024, proving Missouri can be a North American hub, here are the details...

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According to an article in PR Newswire, a German Security Company has chosen the St. Louis area for their North American headquarters. The company is called Frogfish Corp. and they specialize in surveillance cameras, in the article, they say...

"Frogfish was founded in 2022. The German company's expertise lies in surveillance cameras and a variety of products and solutions that keep homes, buildings, large areas, and many other places safe. Frogfish plans to create 20 new jobs at its new office in St. Louis..."Choosing the St. Louis metro for its North American expansion indicates that frogfish Corp. sees what others around the world are seeing — the St. Louis region is primed for global growth," said Maggie Kost, Chief Business Attraction Officer at Greater St. Louis, Inc. "

To read more about Frogfish, and the move to St. Louis, click here!

The Domino Effect

This may only bring 20 or so jobs to the St. Louis area, but, what I think is important for people in Missouri who are invested in seeing St. Louis grow and thrive, is that it sends a message to other companies that you can have a North American hub in St. Louis. You don't just have to choose Chicago if you want to be in the Midwest. Hopefully, this is the start of a big year for the St. Louis, Missouri area!

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