It's one of the largest bear families I've seen in the Midwest. A trail cam video shows 5 black bears roaming the woods late at night while 1 of the cubs tried to eat the camera.

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Gage Outdoors recently shared this trail cam video on YouTube. They didn't disclose the location, but I was able to trace it to the northern part of the Midwest. Just look at all these bears. Oh, and make sure to watch until the end as one of the cubs decides to get up-close-and-personal sniffing the camera and eventually trying to devour it.

Wow, those are big claws. Be glad you're not the camera. Fortunately, it survived long enough to provide footage of these fascinating animals.

How rare is a family of 5 bears?

Answer: very. Wise About Bears says that a typical litter of bear cubs is 2. Sometimes you'll see 3, but the record recorded was 5 according to their data.

It appears this video was captured in the wild on October 12, 2022 which means these bears were likely beginning to fatten up on vegetation as they prepare for a long winter. You just never know what you'll find roaming the backwoods of the Midwest. This is another sign that the bear population continues to grow in our part of America.

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