It's the eternal question. How much snow will Missouri get this winter? Sure, you could follow forecasts from the National Weather Service and the Climate Prediction Center from NOAA. But, there's a more organic way and it has to do with squirrels. I'll explain.

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This topic came up when my wife noticed something about our squirrels. Note: we have quite a family of squirrels in our Missouri neighborhood. We've named the two youngest "Chip" and "Dale", but that's a story for a different day. Back to my original point now.

My wife noticed there was a large squirrel nest right across the street from our house. She said "whoa, this could be bad". When I quizzed her as to why, she said the squirrels had built a nest high up in the tree which legend says means we're in for a very snowy and cold winter. I find it funny that my wife, the meteorologist, is basing a winter prediction on squirrels.

She's not alone in her thinking. Farmer's Almanac says squirrel watching has traditionally been a typical way for Missouri people to measure the upcoming winter expectations. The theory goes like this. Squirrels have a sense about weather and build their nests higher to be further away from high snow totals. There's a blog from Garden Daze that agrees. Squirrel nest height is a key telltale sign if we're in for a bad winter.

I find it interesting that just a week ago, Farmer's Almanac predicted Missouri could see snow by the end of November. Hmm.

Since I'm not a fan of winter or snow, I'm gonna lean heavily into the actual National Weather Service/NOAA prediction that Missouri winter will be much milder than usual. Take that nut and bury it, squirrels.

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