Do you believe in ghosts? Your answer to that question will likely determine whether you are willing to go to a Burlington, Iowa hill and say "Lucinda" 3 times to see what happens.

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The legend is based upon some bluffs along Stony Hollow Road just north of Burlington, Iowa. As the story goes, there was a woman named Lucinda that was engaged to be married. The love story goes terribly wrong when her fiancé does not meet her as planned and she decides to take her life by jumping off this bluff. People that visit there say Lucinda never really left. They say if you go there and say "Lucinda" 3 times she will appear.

There's another more sinister twist though. If she appears and leaves a rose at your feet, the legend says you'll perish the very next day. Feel free to laugh. I did. However, many thousands have gone to this Burlington, Iowa bluff and done it.

While this outrageous tale has never produced a real appearance (that we know of) of Lucinda, thousands continue to flock there. It's even led Stony Hollow Road to be named the most haunted road in all of Iowa. That's why you'll frequently see people share videos of their journey there in the dead of the night.

Have you ever beckoned Lucinda near this cliff near Burlington, Iowa? If so, you're not alone. Or, are you?

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