First off, I don't know how you're reading this if you get your internet via Comcast/Xfinity. Unless you're on your phone. I suppose that could work. But yeah, Comcast has been down, with reported outages across the country.

According to, Comcast/XFinity had been experiencing the normal amount of outage reports over the past 24 hours, registering between 10 and 40 per hour, nationwide. But around noon CST, that number started to climb rapidly, with peak outages at around 1:30-2pm hitting 10,000+ reported outages across the nation, from Portland to Denver to Chicago to New York City. No one's internet was safe.

But details are scarce as to the exact nature of the outage, and why it was so widespread. An hour after the initial tweet, they tweeted out they were working on it:

But again, while the issue was resolved and we all thankfully have our internet back, it still doesn't answer the why of it all. Comcast took the biggest hit, but it also affected Charter Spectrum, Verizon and AT&T. While it's easy to comprehend that one major telecom company may experience a nationwide blackout due to equipment failure or computer error, four of the biggest telecom companies is a tougher pill to swallow. I think that coming on the heels of major DDOS attacks last year and major security breeches at both Yahoo and Equifax this year warrants a deeper explanation than "Oops, our bad."

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