We've been wanting it. We've been demanding it. We've been wondering when the hell one of these fancy schmancy ride-share app thingies was gonna come to the Quincy area. Cabs are non-existent so it's become difficult to get around after the buses stop running. So finally our prayers have been answered: Lyft is finally here.

Oh you don't know Lyft? Uber gets the press, but Lyft does the heavy... lifting. No pun intended. But yeah, Lyft is where it's at. It's cheaper for the rider, and more profitable for the driver. So everyone wins. And Lyft bills themselves as a friendly ride, while Uber leans more toward business and image. Sometimes you just want that friendly ride home, you know?

Lyft Screenshot

I was first alerted to this new development in Gem City transportation by way of a friend, who is friends with Quincy's very first Lyft driver. You can just download the app, open it up, put in your Zip, and you're off and riding around town in someone else's car. We even took these screen shots so you can see how easy it is. You put in where you are, where you're going, what kind of car you need, and you're all set. It's that easy.

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