The recent snow on the second Sunday of April have many of us wondering:

  • Who ticked off Mother Nature?
  • When can we start enjoying spring weather?

I keep wondering when I'll hear someone complain about how hot they are for the first time in 2018.

One of my Facebook friends posted a comment about how the first idiot to complain that it's too hot this summer is getting punched in the throat. Maybe Facebook needs to change the parameters on "See Your Memories" so that right around July 27 or so, it reminds you about this past Sunday's snowstorm.


I imagine it would look something like that.

That would be a nice reminder that "oh, could be snowing right now."

I am guessing I will hear the first "it's too hot" complaint around June 16. If you see me change my Facebook profile photo around that time to a snow covered Quincy, you'll know what happened.

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