The post has since been removed, but for the briefest of moments, on one magical May afternoon, an afternoon you'll fondly remember and tell your grandchildren about around the fireplace... or the iFire, or the Samsung Galaxy Hearth or whatever it is in the future... where was I? OH! The story you'll tell your kids is that you missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. For fifteen, ONE-FIVE, shiny new dollar bills, this pet fly could have been yours:

Fly For Sale
Brock Gibleon via Quincy Area Swap Shop Facebook Group

There are big questions still unanswered, and may remain so since the offer is no longer on the metaphorical table. The table, in this case, being a metaphor for the Facebook group. Is the fly housebroken? Is it purebred? Follow-up to that: Is it from a puppy mill or a rescue? What does it eat? Why is the current owner selling it? Does it have behavioral problems? Will it get along with the wasps building a nest near my building's laundry room? Am I emotionally prepared to deal with the sudden loss of this new pet when it haphazardly careens toward a spiderweb? How do we know this isn't a scam, and that's just a crime scene photo after the fly committed suicide by hanging himself because he was finally released after 42 years at Shawshank and didn't know how to exist in the outside world anymore? We don't know, and probably never will.

I just hope the fly went to a good home. And they call him Buzzy McBuzzface.

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