Forbes released a list of the "Richest" cities in each state, and according to their data, the richest town in Missouri is a town with less than 9,000 people.

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I have no reason to doubt Forbes, they are a trusted website resource, but when I saw their list of Richest & Poorest Cities in each state I was a little taken aback, to be honest, but the list starts to make sense when you realize they base the entire list on seemingly one major metric income. has their list of Richest and Poorest Cities in Each State and for Missouri, they claim the richest city is a place called Ladue, Missouri which is a western suburb of St. Louis. The only thing that Forbes lists to justify their claim of Ladue being the "richest" city in Missouri is that the median household income for Ladue is $214,875 and the mean household income is $304,837. According to, Ladue is a town of just under 9,000 people and on the page, they seem to agree with Forbes by saying...

"Ladue has the highest median household income of any city in Missouri with a population over 1,000."

Now if you don't exactly understand what median and mean are well the mean basically defined as the average, while the median defines as the middle number of the set of numbers gathered, click here for a simple math definition of mean and median.

I have never been to Ladue, but from what I read on the Wikipedia page it seems like a nice small town, might have to check it out just to see how the other half live!

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