It's safe to say we were blown away when we saw where St. Louis is on the list of the Most Expensive Metro Areas for Renters in 2023, and we think you will be as well...

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Lawn Love released a list called 2023's Most Expensive Metro Areas for Renters, and St. Louis, Missouri is extremely affordable compared to other cities on this list. St. Louis ranks 142nd out of the 172 largest metro areas in the US. On the site, Lawn Love says...

"With rent being the largest contributor to inflation over the past year, Lawn Love ranked 2023’s Most Expensive Metro Areas for Renters. We compared 172 of the biggest U.S. metros based on three categories. We looked at average rent prices, year-over-year rent changes, and the share of renters spending over 30% of their income on rent and utilities, among nine total metrics."

St. Louis ranked 113th in the Rent Prices category, as well as ranking 135th in the Rent Affordability ranking, and 149th in the Cost Inflators category (whatever that means....).

How does St. Louis compare to other Midwest cities? Well, Kansas City across the state ranks 145th, Des Moines comes in at 160th, Indianapolis is at 108th, and maybe the biggest surprise of them all, Chicago ranks 49th. The most expensive cities for renters this year are New York City, Miami, the Los Angeles area, Honolulu, and San Diego, to see the complete list for yourself click here!

Honestly, I need to do some research on my own, none of this makes sense...I lived in Chicago for YEARS and the rent was always too dang high, and if you are living in St. Louis what do you consider "affordable" rent, and in which neighborhoods are you living?

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