I'm not trying to draw any conclusions from this, but I find it very interesting that someone has located some job listings for a Target store...in Quincy. That's curious since we don't have a Target store in Quincy. Yet.

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UPDATE: We had someone who lives in Quincy, Massachusetts reach out to us and share that there is a new Target there, so perhaps that's the location that's hiring. As noted below, the listing clearly says Illinois, but it could be a geographical mistake.

ORIGINAL STORY: I want to be clear I've heard no serious talk that a Target is coming to Quincy, so it's entirely possible that these job listings are just a geographical anomaly. But, they're there. You can see the Quincy Target jobs for yourself. In case it gets removed, I've also taken a screenshot so you can see I'm not lying.


I checked the official Target upcoming store openings website and don't see Quincy listed. Has someone uncovered a secret? I SURE HOPE SO.

There are some important things to note. I had a listener mention they saw this listed on Indeed also. I've been unable to confirm that. Another person mentioned that there are scams trying to defraud and/or harm people. NEVER give personal information unless you can confirm the source. EVER. As of right now, this is just a rumor, but a juicy one at that.

Perhaps I should contact the "We want Target to come to Quincy, IL" Facebook group?

As of now, it's just a game of connect the dots to decide if these job listings are preparing for an announcement or just a weird Google thing. Time will tell.

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