As the ancient prophecy foretold, "Quincy Mall, we've got it all." Except in Latin. Or Sanskrit. Some sort of dead, weird language ancient prophecies are always written in. Let's go with Latin, since that's what I can find in Google Translate, so it's "Quincy Mall, Habemus illum omnes." Anyway, The Mall is about to have more of it all with MallCon, June 22nd through 24th.

According to the Facebook event page, it's promising "Three days of Pop Culture Nuttiness including music, wrestling, events, vendors, gaming, trivia and much more!" I'm not anticipating anything on the level of San Diego Comic Con or Wizard World Chicago, but if it's patterned after those events, we can expect all sorts of fun pop culture events and vendors. Already confirmed are wrestlers from Rampage Championship Wrestling, and gaming from tabletop to slots.

Follow the event page so you can stay up to date on all announcements regarding events, activities and guests at MallCon 2018. It would be really cool if this could become a thing. My nerdy little heart would love it.

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