Where do you go for the best tenderloin in the Tri-States?

I moved to Quincy a year and a half ago to start working at KICK-FM, growing up in Chicagoland we have our own very unique foods like the deep dish pizza, and the Italian beef sandwiches. But one thing I had never experienced before moving to the Tri-States was the popularity and availability of the incredible breaded tenderloin sandwiches.

Ever since moving here and having my first tenderloin at The Red Light Bar & Grill in Quincy, I quickly became addicted to these brilliant sandwiches and I am now determined to try all of the best ones in the Tri-States. Here is where I have been so far...

I have tried Tenderloins from: The Red Light Bar and Grill, On The Rail Bar, Riverside BBQ and Grill, The Abbey, Culvers, Que Town BBQ, and Sticks N Stones Bar and Grill.

I personally loved all of them! I haven't had a bad tenderloin yet, and all of the ones I have tried so far are unique to the places I have tried them. When I order a tenderloin I like it to come with lettuce, tomato, onion, and a side of mayo.

So I realize I have many more to try, I have heard that almost every place has tenderloins, and so I ask you people of the Tri-States should I keep trying other places tenderloins or have I already eaten the best one in the area, and which one is that? Because right now I cant decide which one I like best, I can't stop thinking about tenderloins so please help!

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