As a first responder, you just never know what you're going to find when you respond to a call.

That was the case for an Illinois State Police Officer when he was dispatched for an armed subject, however when he got to the scene it was not what he expected. The officers were called because of an apparent subject dressed in red and white clothes and witness apparently said something about the suspect carrying a weapon of sorts, possibly a machete. Obviously the police take a claim like these extremely seriously, but this is the type of situation that the officers probably got a good laugh out of when they arrived at the scene.

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According the post on the City of Bloomington Police Department's Facebook page (To see the post click here!) The suspect who was supposedly carrying a weapon and roaming the streets, was in fact a TEENAGER who was dressed up in the Red Power Ranger costume, the reason, to draw attention and traffic to a garage sale that he was somehow affiliated with. (Which side note, do you call it a yard sale, or a garage sale, or are you one of the few that call it a rummage sale?).

Regardless I'm sure the police had a good laugh, and hopefully didn't scare the poor kid who was just out there trying to help out. You never want to hesitate to call the police if you feel there is a person who could be a danger to the community you are in, but before you call make sure it's not a kid in a Power Ranger costume.

Now we challenge you, do you know the other colors of the Power Rangers?

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