A new year is bringing in new laws to the Land of Lincoln, and one of them is a new law under the Gender Violence Act, what exactly does this new law in the act consist of, and how will it impact you? Here are the details...

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According to an article on Northern Public Radio, Illinois' Gender Violence Act has a new law in it, and its goal is to make it easier for employees to sue their employers for any gender violence they suffered while working for them. In the article, they say...

"The law will allow workers to hold their employer liable for failing “to supervise, train, or monitor the employee who engaged in the gender-related violence” or for not taking “remedial measures” after being informed of alleged misconduct in the workplace...under the new law, the statute of limitations for suing an employer would be four years — though minors who are harmed at work would have four years after they turn 18 to bring a claim."

To read more about the update to the Gender Violence Act, click here!

Impact on Business Owners

In the article, they mention how the Chicago Park District is paying $2 million in damages to people who have sued for the gender violence they faced when they were lifeguards. If you are a business owner here in Illinois you won't be able to say "Oh that is just one bad employee sue them" You are now liable to be sued as well,l and the state has made it easier for people to sue under this new law in the Gender Violence Act. If you are a business owner you should already have programs and standards in place that prevent workplace gender violence but with this new law, you'd better make sure your programs are working or else you'll pay the price.

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