Here in Illinois, we are realllllly good at remaining things like the Sears Tower to the Willis Tower, but we all still call it the Sears Tower, so does the Illinois government really believe that people will eat more Asian Carp if they rename it? Here are the details of this strange story...

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According to the, Illinois' leaders are trying to rename the invasive fish known as the Asian Carp to a new name (which will be revealed today sometime June, 22nd) with the hopes that people will be willing to eat more of the fish if they have a new name. In the article they say...

"A new name for the much-maligned fish will be announced Wednesday by state officials...State officials hope the rebrand will lead to more people eating the fish, which would lead more commercial fishing operations to pull them from the Illinois River and, ultimately, decrease their numbers and the risk that Asian carp could eventually make their way into the Great Lakes."

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I will update this story when the name is announced *UPDATE* according to the new name of the Asian Carp is Copi, short for copious.


We don't need the "New" name to laugh at this idea, I mean if they really wanted people to eat this fish and be able to commercially fish the Asian Carp they would have secretly renamed the fish and done this all without telling anyone. But just like when the Sears Tower got renamed the Willis Tower because there was a big press release and it was made a big deal people further dug their heels into calling it the Sears. I hate that the Asian Carp is such an issue in our beautiful waterways, and we can't let them get to the great lakes but if you really want people to eat them just sell them for dirt cheap, with the price of foods right now people will buy whatever is cheaper no matter what it is called.

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